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In January, I went to Denver [Feb. 25th, 2016|03:32 pm]
It looked liked this, at night.

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2016 [Feb. 6th, 2016|10:29 pm]
I am still alive. I work for yet another company, this time doing documentation writing for a software firm. I work from home. Kids are good. Mate is good. Life is good. I have diabetes, now. But life is good.
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Current Appearance [Jan. 16th, 2015|03:11 pm]

More or less. This was taken in September.
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Futurians [Jan. 16th, 2015|02:01 pm]
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While walking along a half-frozen riverbank in April, this book fell from my pocket. I had to backtrack about a kilometre to find it again. It's worth looking for, if you've not read it.
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Changes! [Jan. 16th, 2015|01:48 pm]

We now live in two households. In lieu of a Venn diagram, please accept this simple dramatis personae.

The Mousehold
Eldest Child (Nearly 12)
Youngest Child (Now aged eight)
One elderly guinea pig

The Menagerie
Assorted animals

Velvetpage has moved in with her partner Shavastak, leaving the Mousehold to myself, Koray and the kids. Shavastak is also married to Chrislynx. The kids will be staying at the Menagerie a couple of weekends a month.

Why the change?
Lebensraum. The Mousehold could not contain so many people with so many possessions and remain a tranquil fortress of serenity. In My Father’s house are many mansions, but the Mousehold is compact and densely furnished.

Is everything… okay?
Pretty good. I would have preferred a mansion with distinct living spaces permitting everyone to live harmoniously and comfortably, but we are creating the best of possible worlds in the given situation.

So, what else is new with you?
I am no longer a reporter. I am once again a corporate writer and I like my new employer a great deal. I am in my 40s. I love my mates and my kids. I seem to have more energy and impetus for creative projects, more than I have in years. I am still shooting film. Indeed, in the next couple of weeks some of my photos taken with a 107-year-old Brownie Box camera will show up in a BBC feature article.

Also, I am editing the conbook fiction submissions for Furnal Equinox in March. Anyone out there got a story or poem to share?
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MFF 2014 [Dec. 11th, 2014|08:30 pm]
Well, that was certainly a fraught convention experience. Fraught, I say. But I shot a lot of film and got a lot of good shots.




More later? Maybe. I'm still frazzled. When life hands you chlorine gas, put on your carpet suit and dance.
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Off to see the monsters [Oct. 5th, 2014|09:41 am]
[Tags|, ]

Every year, the picturesque little town of Elora puts up an impressive display of monster statuary throughout October. A local man creates them, and has added to them every year. They hang from light fixtures and show up in the town square.

We (Me, Koray and Elizabeth) got there a bit too early in the month, it seems, for there were only a handful of the sculptures in place. Still, it was a dark and cold night, with a storm churning on the horizon. It was all very Bradburian.

As October progresses, more statues like these show up on roofs, lamp posts, trees, and in the stores of shops.

Elora is most famous for the vast gorge that slices the town in two, and for the crumbling 19th century mill works and factories near the waterfall. It is a naturally spooky place.

Sadly, after about 30 minutes of sight seeing, the skies opened up with freezing sleet, and we ran back to the van. Velvet is off on a road trip this weekend with Shavastak. Hopefully they had better weather. And our youngest, Claire, spent the night in a tent at Brownie camp. I'm glad she packed an extra blanket.
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Back to Work! [Oct. 4th, 2014|12:17 am]
I go back to work on Oct. 20, this time as a tech writer at a small software company.
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So, what's new? [Oct. 2nd, 2014|12:06 am]
I was laid off in February, quite unexpectedly. The day I was laid off, I walked out on the ice at Forty Creek and took film photos of the fantastic ice shapes that had built up over a bitter winter. I was using an old Seagull TLR (twin lenses reflex), and one with a faulty mask inside that scratched the negatives. It was months before I realized that.

My immediate sensation the day of the layoff was one of extreme relief. For weeks, months, I'd been under stress.

It is now October, I am still out of work, and benefits are about to be cut off. Kores has gone back to school, and Velvet is of course still in her job... thank goodness. I am experiencing less stress, and have diverted my productive energies to making supper two nights out of three, sometimes cleaning, film photography, and Minecraft. Many things have happened in the interim.

In March, I attended Furnal Equinox and had a great deal of fun.

In April, I took a lot of day long road trips. I turned 40, and on my birthday I drove Kores and I up to the Blue Mountain township. They aren't mountains, but they were nice big hills.

I went to California in May, to visit Kores' mom. I got deeply intoxicated a couple of nights, at our motel, staring out at a weird Los Angeles sky on a balcony that overlooked a freeway.

Everything overlooks a freeway in Los Angeles. I went to a number of diners with Kores, including one mentioned in a Tom Waits song.

We drove to the Salton Sea and Salvation Mountain, the first time I've ever been into a desert. We got gas in Palm Springs and explored a dead strip mall in the middle of nowhere. Salton Sea was like one of the sad dead lakes in Mordor, and Salvation Mountain was someone's mystical Christian desert vision.

I also visited the tomb of Ray Bradbury... and an angelic choir of celebrities, including Marylin Monroe, Jack Lemmon, Peter Falk and Don Knotts. They're all in the same cemetery.

Over the summer, I went to Con Bravo, where I presented the 2014 Cthulhu Cup adventure I'd written. It was set at the Grimsby Beach Chautauqua in July, 1914. I was also a panellist at FanExpo, thanks to the Bitterguy and Teddog. I also attended the Prisoners of Gravity anniversary panel, and heard a lot of behind the scenes stuff.

In August, we retired the Haunted Police Car, and Velvet bought the household a Blue Dodge Caravan she has dubbed "The Blue Dragon." It was a loyal steed on our epic family vacation to Quebec. We stayed in an off-season resort and watched the mist roll over the mountain. We toured the Old City in Quebec City and the national assembly. Absolutely beautiful.

It was the first time we took a very public vacation as a polyamorous triad. No one noticed, no one cared. It was refreshing, and despite a lot of driving for me, it was an excellent trip. Velvet drove a good chunk, and it was delightful to have the experience of riding in the back with the girls.

The girls are getting huge. Tall, beautiful and smart. I did a lot of day trips with them this summer, to Lake Simcoe, Orangeville, and various hiking trails. School seems to be treating them better so far this year.

It's now October. I had a third interview for a job yesterday. I went well, and hope to hear back from Friday. I have no gut feeling about it either way.

I need to write more. It's been so long, I was starting to forget I could.
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Squeak! [Oct. 1st, 2014|10:36 pm]
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