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What do you get when you combine $25 discount macro bellows from China, a couple of antique lens, some poorly drilled holes and a modern DSLR...?

Fitted with a 1945 Wollensak Raptar press camera lens.

What a scoop!

Fitted with a 1913 Kodak ball bearing lens.
Laughing Mouse

Oh hey

We're closing in on the end of 2016.

What has happened this year, in no particular order.

1. Continued to work from home.
2. Got a new car. It is small and cheap. Here it is with kores_rabbit <3

3. Bought more film cameras.
4. Went to Detroit for Motor City Fur Meet.
5. Joined a post-apocalyptic LARP where I play an unarmed teacher.
5. Went to Ithaca for fun.
6. Explored an abandoned 10,000 acre US army base for fun.
7. Went to Muncie for LARP.
8. Got older.
9. Job changed. But same company, still at home.
10. Started the poly thing again. I'm dating mightydoll, who is lovely. <3
11. Used antique cameras for taking photos at LARPs.
12. Went to Buffalo with commanderteddog and her fellow for a gaming convention.
13. I am starting to write some stretch goal books for Sanguine's new RPG, Urban Jungle.

Stuff like that.

I look mostly like this now. Grayer than I was. Not usually with a hot dog hat.

How are you?
Laughing Mouse


I am still alive. I work for yet another company, this time doing documentation writing for a software firm. I work from home. Kids are good. Mate is good. Life is good. I have diabetes, now. But life is good.
Laughing Mouse


While walking along a half-frozen riverbank in April, this book fell from my pocket. I had to backtrack about a kilometre to find it again. It's worth looking for, if you've not read it.
Laughing Mouse


We now live in two households. In lieu of a Venn diagram, please accept this simple dramatis personae.

The Mousehold
Eldest Child (Nearly 12)
Youngest Child (Now aged eight)
One elderly guinea pig

The Menagerie
Assorted animals

Velvetpage has moved in with her partner Shavastak, leaving the Mousehold to myself, Koray and the kids. Shavastak is also married to Chrislynx. The kids will be staying at the Menagerie a couple of weekends a month.

Why the change?
Lebensraum. The Mousehold could not contain so many people with so many possessions and remain a tranquil fortress of serenity. In My Father’s house are many mansions, but the Mousehold is compact and densely furnished.

Is everything… okay?
Pretty good. I would have preferred a mansion with distinct living spaces permitting everyone to live harmoniously and comfortably, but we are creating the best of possible worlds in the given situation.

So, what else is new with you?
I am no longer a reporter. I am once again a corporate writer and I like my new employer a great deal. I am in my 40s. I love my mates and my kids. I seem to have more energy and impetus for creative projects, more than I have in years. I am still shooting film. Indeed, in the next couple of weeks some of my photos taken with a 107-year-old Brownie Box camera will show up in a BBC feature article.

Also, I am editing the conbook fiction submissions for Furnal Equinox in March. Anyone out there got a story or poem to share?